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Windsor International Diaspora African Festival (W.I.D.A FEST) live in Windsor 2023

Bringing Africa and African diaspora together through culture

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Thursday July 27, 2023 - Sunday July 30, 2023


To Create A Sustainable Platform For Showcasing The Genius Abilities Of Africa And African Diaspora


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Windsor, ON.
To Be The Leading Organization In Promoting Raw Talents Of Africa And African Diaspora Globally.
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Windsor International Diaspora African Festival

Windsor International Diaspora African Festival (W.I.D.A FEST) is an annual “beyond” a festival gathering of Africa And African Diaspora culture and creative historical heritage in the city of Windsor, Canada.

W.I.D.A FEST is promoted by Zalent Creatives the pioneer of the Vigor Awards International (www.vigorawards.org)

Features /01
african drum

drum festival

African Drum Festival is fast evolving into a borderless epicentre of cultural renaissance for Africans and the black race in general.

Features /02
african music

music art

The musical sound from African decent artist into afrobeat, afro hip-hop, gospel and jazz will be featured in this street carnival.

Features /03
African art

arts display

African creative art artist is blessed with creative minds will display their work and share the story behind their paintings and crafts.

Features /04

African fashion designers are creating trends with Aso-oke, a hand-woven cloth indigenous to the Yoruba people and historically used on special occasions.

Fashion Runway Show

Spoken word utilizes concrete language, word play, and rhythm to tell stories. Through the use of vivid imagery, the listener is able to “feel” the words as they are being spoken.

Features /06

African cuisine is extensive and unique, with each region from the west to east, north to central having a specialty. 

african buffet

Aim of The Carnival

The Street Festival is organised with the intention to bring African cultures together, promoting cultural exchange, and human interrelationship connection through music and street animation.

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