Simon Inalegwu Ejembi


Simon Inalegwu Ejembi is a professional Filmmaker and a musician. He was born on October 14th, 1989. He hails from Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue state, Nigeria. He is popularly known as Trageel, he is the CEO of De Sojimasta Media (DSM). Over time, Trageel has produced many high-quality movies in collaboration with other organizations with his original style of African stories and creative costumes which has really kept him outstanding in the entertainment industry.

Trageel has worked with other entertainment houses like Alkebulan, De Campus Movie Ent, and Igo Pictures Media. These are very popular media organizations that have produced so many high-quality jobs in Nigeria.

Trageel’s movies as a producer and director include: “Home of girls”, “Grandmaster” and he recently shot two of his new blockbuster movies project titled  “Fulani”  and “First Time in Zakata” which has gone viral on different social media platforms. “Fulani; The Story of the deaf and dumb” is a movie which preaches unity in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Fulani (The story of the deaf and dumb) will unite The Fulanis and the other tribes. Fulani is currently the talk of the country as we write this. “First Time In Zakata” is a movie that has been rated the best in Nigeria in terms of abstract costumes and makeup. Trageel is well known as Mr costumes.

He has represented his company in different African countries as a young filmmaker who is making a great impact on society at large. Trageel as a musician has also done a lot with so many awards and recognitions, he became the winner of the “Gloin60seconds” after beating over ten thousand (10,000) contestants with one of his creative videos. He was rewarded greatly. He is a simple man, loved and cared for, well disciplined and full of charity.

Trageel has worked with superstars like Sani Musa Danja, Olu Jacobs, Patience Ozokwo, Mercy Johnson, Akume Akume, Baballe Ayatu and many more.


Follow Trageel Ejembi on his social media handles:

Facebook – @Trageel Ejembi

Instagram – @official_trageel @desojimastamedia

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