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Mariam Ally

Board Member

Celebrated as the Guru of Recruiting in the Opulence Global and Zara Tanzania Adventures Company, Mariam is a skilled Marketer with over 15 years of experience in business.

She is the Sales Manager for Zara Tours, an International Brand focused on bringing the World to East Africa for the ultimate Safari experience. She has expanded the Zara Tours market to Canada and Europe racking up the company’s revenue over the years as a lead marketer.

Her quest to establish global roots has seen her do business with executives from Africa, Canada, and Europe. Mariam successfully uses this platform to bring entrepreneurs together with vast experience and global connections and roots.

Whether you are just looking to tap into new markets or seeking to build networks with people in the same business and industry, she will connect you with like-minded people globally. It is this thirst to connect, grow and expand that has established her as a top business connect.

Mariam is especially keen on Women in Business. She uses her network to convene women on platforms to discuss opportunities and growth strategies in their industries. She is passionate about empowering women to be self-sufficient. She is a big believer that change requires collaboration and bringing women together to do business is one way she does it.

Her standing with Opulence Global and Zara Tours; both Women-Led Organizations, allows her to offer direct earning opportunities to women as sales associates, allowing them to set their own hours; This is especially important to her because, as a mother of three and a wife, she fully understands the intricacies of a family and work-life balance.

Born and raised in East Africa, Mariam has always loved the culture, the music, the food, and the people. And it is this love that drives her to represent where she comes from,

Since moving to Canada 35 years ago, Mariam brought this same passion with her and works in community outreach programs with predominantly Black/African communities, helping to combat issues of stigmatization, racism, and religious discrimination. She works with the Toronto community of women, children, and families in low-income neighbourhoods.

Mariam works to bridge the Social-Economic gap by creating support tools based on the different needs identified. Using these grassroots community relationships she works to bridge the gap between public officials and community members through cultural events and fundraising.

She was recently recognized at the Vigor Awards for unsung heroes for the work she does with Zara Charity.


Key Competencies

  • Business Networking
  • Cross-culture etiquette
  • Strong People skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks

Professional Associations & Memberships

  • Member of Chambers of Commerce of Tanzania in Ireland & Canada
  • African Women Alliance of Waterloo (AWAOW)
  • African Women Leadership Organization (AWLO)
  • Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing Association
  • Board Member of Nomad Community
  • Board Member of Montgomery Inn
  • Elections Canada: Deputy Returning Officer (DRO)
  • Somali Immigrant Woman’s Association (SIWA)
  • Tenant Representative of East Mall Community Housing
  • Midaynta Community Services
  • Member of Islamic Food Bank
  • Census Canada
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